Riverside Therapy

Suellen Raven DipCHyp, MNCH(Acc), HPD, MNLPPrac

About Me

SR I started travelling in 1973 when I went to live in Athens, Greece. For 20 of the next 22 years I lived abroad in such diverse locations as Belize, Central America; the Falkland Islands, Borneo, Cyprus, Germany and Hong Kong, working as a freelance writer and photographer.

Alternative therapies have always interested me and I have studied yoga, meditation, neuro linguistic programming (NLP) & cognitive hypnotherapy.

My husband & I returned to the UK in 1995 and in 1998 I went to my first Brandon Bays seminar after reading about the Journey Process in The Sunday Times. I decided to become an Accredited Therapist and graduated in November 2000.

In 2003 I qualified as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming with the Quest Institute.

To learn more about the institute and the courses they offer go to www.questinstitute.co.uk

I offer therapy in a self contained process studio, with no telephone or traffic noise to spoil the experience. It is based on a tranquil island on the River Thames a few hundred yards from the Royal Palace of Hampton boatCourt with a view onto a wildlife garden and the river a few yards away. The only sounds to disturb the silence are the occasional calls of ducks, swans and parakeets demanding to be fed.

Based within a few miles of the M25 orbital motorway around London, and close to Hampton Court railway station, I am ideally situated for London based clients.