Riverside Therapy

Suellen Raven DipCHyp, MNCH(Acc), HPD, MNLPPrac

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

I first trained as a therapist in 1999 and regularly upgraded my skills so that I could best help my clients in the most flexible way possible. I learned from experience that no single therapeutic process works 100% of the time for every individual, so when I came across Cognitive Hypnotherapy as taught by Trevor Silvester at The Quest Institute, I found a wonderfully flexible system that empowered me to help far more people. That's because Cognitive Hypnotherapy is solution focused and recognises that no two individuals process their problems or limitations in the same manner. The use of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) interventions, together with the powerful effects of hypnotherapy enhanced by Trevor's pioneering Word Weaving system, treats each person and their presenting issues as unique and empowers them to make lasting changes to their lives.

This video will show you, in 3 minutes, how Cognitive Hypnotherapy works

With my skills as a Master Practitioner of NLP and a Project You Life Coach I focus on helping people to resolve any issues or limitations that are holding them back. Phobias, grief, self confidence and procrastination are just some of the issues I help with.

I aim to help anyone who comes to see me in as few sessions as possible and show them how to use the skills I use during a session to enhance the changes we work on together.

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