Riverside Therapy

Suellen Raven DipCHyp, MNCH(Acc), HPD, MNLPPrac

How to make an appointment

picaI believe it is crucial to build rapport and mutual respect with my clients.
Rapport is seeing the world through their eyes and entering their world to allow successful communication without conflict.

It allows me to build and sustain trust, harmony and understanding in a relationship by communicating using the client's model of the world.

I also believe it is essential to give positive but realistic expectations around what changes may occur, so I always let clients know what I can and can't do to help them and how I intend to do this. For example, if a client has tried hypnosis before and been disappointed with the results it may be that, at the time, they lacked significant motivation to achieve their desired outcome.

For either therapy to be a success it is important for clients to agree to commit and co-operate in order to achieve a successful outcome.

NLP First Appointment

During the first appointment I ask clients for details relevant to their problem so that I can assess how best to help them. The questions not only help me but also help clients get clear as to what they ultimately want out of the therapy and we discuss ways of achieving it. There is seldom time for hypnosis during this time.

If, at the end of the first appointment, I feel I cannot help a client, there will be no charge.


One of the most important aspects when dealing with clients is the matter of confidentiality. During the first appointment I define the rules around confidentiality and explain what clients can expect from me. In all but the most exceptional circumstances it will be my primary ethical concern to maintain confidentiality.

Contact Me

If you have any questions, would like to book an appointment or wish to talk further, email me at suellen@riversidetherapy.com or you can phone me on (0) 7892 816817.

How to Get Here

Taggs Island is 8 miles from the M25 and only 14 miles from central London. Many clients choose to come by train as there is a twice hourly service from Waterloo. Trains leave at 06 and 36 minutes past each hour and take 35 minutes to Hampton Court.

Get the Maps

map1map2Click on the map left to get a printable map if you are driving to the island.

If you are coming by train, then click on the map right to get a printable map of where we are.